The Holiday Gift of Charity

As is the annual tradition, Pickett Design Associates made a holiday donation to Heifer International with the following gifts from their catalog. Thank you to our colleagues, family and friends for allowing us the chance to give back to others. Happy Holidays!

Cheeses of the World Gift Basket

Many Heifer partner families turn milk from their animals into cheese that they can then store for food or sell for income.

This special holiday gift basket includes the gift of a heifer, a goat, a sheep and a water buffalo – four animals that families around the world will use to make mozzarella, feta and hundreds of local and traditional cheese varieties.

The Buzz About Bees

From Uganda to El Salvador, bees from Heifer International help struggling families earn income through the sale of honey, beeswax and pollen.

Beehives require almost no space and once established, are inexpensive to maintain.

As bees search for nectar, they pollinate plants. Placed strategically, beehives can as much as double some fruit and vegetable yields. In this way, a beehive can be a boost to a whole village.

Although most Heifer partners keep bees as a supplement to family income, beekeeping can be a family’s livelihood. Our gift will help Heifer provide a family with a package of bees, the box and hive, plus training in beekeeping – and this unique gift will be passed on to another family in need.