Projects vary in breadth and scope and our work is always tailored to a client’s specific set of goals, including budget, schedule and design vision. The following is a general description of the process and typical work tasks we are involved with for most projects.

For your unique project, please contact us to discuss how our services may support your particular criteria. 

Team Kick-Off Meeting


  • Goals, Objective and Concept Development
  • Review Project Budget and Schedule
  • Process Review
  • Study Building Design
  • Site Evaluation

Schematic Design

  • Space Planning
  • Preliminary Architectural Finish Selection
  • Interior Renderings
  • Initial User Group Meetings
  • Concept Development and Presentation
  • Generic Finish Schedule
  • Generic Furniture Matrix and ROM

Design Development

  • Compilation and Data Review
  • Generic Finish Schedule and Plans
  • Review Owner’s Furniture Standards Program
  • Lighting Review and Coordination
  • Ceiling Materials Review and Coordination
  • Window Treatment Development
  • Identify Specialty Artwork Locations
  • Wayfinding Concepts
  • Key Interior Design Features
  • User Group Meetings (2nd Round)
  • Final Concept Design Presentation

Construction Documentation

  • Team Coordination
  • Finish Schedule
  • Wall and Floor Finish Plans
  • Notate Architect’s Elevations
  • Prepare Specialty Interior Details
  • In-Wall Backing Coordination
  • Coordination with Lighting, MEP, Equipment Consultants
  • Interior Finish Materials Specifications
  • Plans and On-Going Furniture Selections/Coordination
  • Coordination with Project Spec Writer

Construction Administration

  • Attend Construction Coordination Meetings
  • Review and Approve Shop Drawings – Casework
  • Review and Approve Interior Finish Submittals
  • Review and Approve Flooring Seaming Diagrams
  • Review "First in Place" Material Installations
  • RFI Review, Response and Coordination
  • Site Visits
  • Submit Field Observation Reports
  • Select Final Furniture
  • "Mock-Up" Review
  • Refinement of Furniture Plans
  • Furniture Specifications
  • Coordination with Furniture Procurement Firm
  • Art Program
  • Interior Plantings
  • Punch List and Resolution

Successful Job Completion and Celebrate!