Chromatherapy – Healing Colors

When choosing color for our homes, it’s not unusual for some of us to spend days or weeks searching for just the right shade. What we think of as color is actually reflected light that reaches our retinas through vibratory wavelengths. Our brains then interpret the waves as colors.  Color, therefore, is really a sensation.  Our dynamic and emotional relationship with color and being conscious of how we apply it in our environment forms the basis of chromatherapy, a branch of holistic healing that uses color to achieve optimal health. Research has shown that certain colors have measurable psychological and physiological effects on people. Studies also have shown that people attach symbolic significance to certain colors.  Incorporating chromatherapy into your home can be as fundamental as choosing paint and fabric colors that correspond with particular emotional states. Cool colors, such as green, blue and indigo are thought to be calming, while red, orange and other warm colors are said to have energizing effects.

In another innovative use of chromatherapy, Kohler integrates colored lights in several models of its whirlpool baths. With the touch of a button, you can bathe yourself in eight colors — the full spectrum of light — for an experience that’s both relaxing and invigorating. Four LED ports, positioned within the tub’s inner walls, sequentially transmit the colors; or, you can select the one color that best fits your mood. Light adds dimensionality to color, which intensifies its impact. Some experts believe that embracing the concept could be the key to success with chromatherapy.