Field Trips

Form Follows Fun at Glumac


Glumac, a leading engineering firm with offices in LA and around the world, is a leader in sustainable design solutions. They are active longtime members of the U.S. Green Building Council, the premier green building organization in the United States. Glumac hosted an evening of fun along with a crash course in the “Living Building Challenge”, with attendees from Pickett Designs and Zakian Woo Architects.

For more information about the “Challenge” click here

The California Diversity Council Presents…

The Inaugural California Healthcare Diversity Summit was hosted by City of Hope. The theme for this year was, “Cultural Competence and Excellence in Healthcare in the Age of Personalized Medicine”.  Christine Hardin, LEEP AP, EDAC, and Greg Nelson, IIDA, EDAC, presented at one of the breakout sessions; the topic, “Designing for Patient & Guest Experience”.

Christine is shown presenting in front of a 1935 WPA Era mural, “Progress of Life”, painted in the fresco style by Phillip Goldstein and Reuben Kadish.

UCLA Semel Institute Sneak Peek!

Pickett Design Associates’ talented Interior Designer Stephanie Ramirez was at the UCLA Semel Institute recently to preview the team’s finished work on its Integrative Phenotyping Center for Neuropsychiatry. The renovation involved more than 40,000 square feet on four floors of the Semel Institute tower, and the state-of-the-art space will provide modern facilities for investigators to achieve breakthroughs in the understanding, prevention, and treatment of severe brain disorders. PDA partnered with Zakian Woo Architects and other project consultants to create a flowing, light-filled – yet highly functional – interior workspace. In the photo above Stephanie is posing next to an impactful oversized custom sliding door of rich wood grain. We’ll post more photos of this exciting project soon!

ARKTURA Factory and Showroom visit

Christine Hardin and Linda Conley recently visited the Arktura showroom and factory located in Gardena, CA. Arktura (  is a young and upcoming company servicing the design community with manufacturing standard and custom unique architectural and furniture products. The products are offered in metal, wood or plastic and can be used for interior and exterior applications.

Meeting with Arktura’s principals and their company’s sales representative, Christine and Linda reviewed and discussed preliminary design ideas for a current project in the Bay area. We look forward to co-creating exciting interior environments with Arktura!

Shown in the photograph (from left to right) are Kevin Kane VP of Design & Project Management, Jean-Guy Poitas, Sales Representative, Christine Hardin and Linda Conley, PDA and Sebastian Munor, VP of Design and Project Development.

J. Paul Getty Museum Visit

The J. Paul Getty Museum is currently exhibiting “Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future 1940 – 1990,” an overview of the urban landscape and its diverse architectural innovations. Christine and a group of friends/colleagues attended the exhibit and were fascinated by the growth and transformation of the city which were made possible by its patrons, planners and architects.