The California Diversity Council Presents…

The Inaugural California Healthcare Diversity Summit was hosted by City of Hope. The theme for this year was, “Cultural Competence and Excellence in Healthcare in the Age of Personalized Medicine”.  Christine Hardin, LEEP AP, EDAC, and Greg Nelson, IIDA, EDAC, presented at one of the breakout sessions; the topic, “Designing for Patient & Guest Experience”.

Christine is shown presenting in front of a 1935 WPA Era mural, “Progress of Life”, painted in the fresco style by Phillip Goldstein and Reuben Kadish.

IIDA Los Angeles Leaders Breakfast

Christine and Marta joined a room full of industry leaders to hear motivational speaker, Kevin Carroll talk about passion and play in the workplace and utilizing creative energy to remain motivated. As guests of Formica and Steve Francis & Associates, our staff was inspired and driven to cultivate that energy to achieve the maximum potential in our projects and their own personal growth.

Local Carpet Mill Tour

Christine and Linda recently participated in an IIDA-sponsored tour of Bentley Prince Street’s carpet mill – one of the few and the largest that exists locally in southern California. They witnessed first-hand tufting machines in action that create the carpets we specify as well as the on-site testing facility. Known for their sustainable products and processes in the industry, Bentley Prince Street’s mill also houses a spacious showroom and design studio.  Inside the design studio, our team members viewed upcoming new products currently in development. Also as part of the tour, they attended a seminar regarding carpeting and adhesives and their contribution to the LEED point certification process. All in all, it was a fascinating and very educational day thanks to Deborah and Tom!